• We are the only Credit Restoration Service with a 20+ year Law Firm Behind us.

    Justice Law Center is your Neighborhood Law Center. We have helped thousands of clients over the past 20 years with all their legal needs. Many of those clients who experienced financial hardships have claimed bankruptcy and needed our assistance in restoring their credit. Thus, we started the CreditMonsters.com division which has assisted not just our clients but anyone that may need help getting there credit back to the good or great standing that it should be.

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    We Can Help Resolve Any Bad Credit Situation

    Our Services will help remove Late Payments, Bankruptcy, Tax Liens, Collections, Judgment, Settlements, Repossessions, Charge Offs, Foreclosures, and More... What ever you credit restoration needs are our team of monsters are here to help. We offer a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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    Mistakes Do Happen, We can HELP

    Any mistake on your credit report can and will affect your credit score. Let our team of monsters help you get the credit score you deserve. Credit Bureaus Hate Us, Creditors Despise Us, Our Members Love Us!!!

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  • How it Works

    We’ll assess your credit situation, formulate a plan to help you achieve better credit stability, and offer education about the credit system so that you can continue to build a healthy credit score.

  • CreditMonsters.com recommends that our clients us IdentityIQ as there credit monitoring service it only $19.95/pm

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  • Set a Goal

    Our experienced credit specialists assigned to your case will review your credit reports and then direct the right and appropriate correspondence to your creditors and the credit bureaus. 

  • Get Results

    Once your credit reports are received, our staff does a comprehensive evaluation of your credit reports. We will then develop a tailored plan to repair & rebuild your credit. During this process we will ask you some questions.

  • We remove negative items from all 3 major credit bureaus

    We’ll use our knowledge and experience to attack the negative items on all three of your credit bureau reports. By making certain to include Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, we help to ensure that your credit advancement isn’t hindered by any unforeseen obstacles.

  • Client Reviews and Testimonials

  • Your service is great! My credit report is all cleaned up! I can't believe it! The other two bureaus are almost clean too.

    C. Hollister

  • Thank you very much! To date, I have been quite pleased with your service and happy to report that my credit is very good now.

    J. L. McKinzie

  • Now this is what I call SERVICE. I can't wait to see the negative entries fall off my other reports as well! Thanks a million!

    H. Lively